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Cambodian New Year in Auckland, A  glimpse into our community here.


Pchum Ben, is a major religious function in our Buddhist calendar.  Buddhists can not afford to forget it. The livings feed the underworld spirits. 

“In feature films the director is God; in documentary films God is the director”

Alfred Hitchcock quotes (English Film Director, 1899-1980)




Meas Sok Sophea is one of our member's favorite singer, so we put her here so others can watch it too, well we eventually have to give  this spot for other singers too.


Ponleur Thmey Khmer Band in Auckland was founded in 2007. Its manager, Norina Kuy, and every member of the band are determined to make it a successful band in our community here, all the best from ACY&RT





Kamarak Soccer in its old day -here we played against Loa soccer team as part of of a friendly soccer match... since then Kamara have obtained their own uniforms...Red, Blue and White with Superb logos... Good Luck for this 2008 Soccer Season.

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