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 Auckland Cambodian Youth and Recreation Trust is a registered Charitable Trust (953880) as of March 1999. The aim of the Trust is to service the Cambodian community by providing various social support services, educational support for youth and recreational activities. The mission of the Auckland Cambodian Youth and Recreation Trust is to provide: “To contribute to the social, recreational and educational wellbeing of the Cambodian community” ........

Chanmony Lim - Administrator

Chanmony is a mother of 2 children. Her skills in accounting and office management is very needed for the trust . She worked as a nurse assistant at Cambodian Refugee camp Khao I dang and later worked in the Inland Revenue Department in Christchurch before moving up to Auckland.

Chanmony previously taught Cambodian language to young people in Christchurch.





Lisa Ho - Trustee Monitor and Researcher (On leave)

Lisa Ho - Trustee Monitor and Researcher She has worked in the fields of social entrepreneurship, human rights and the arts for the past four and half years.

In 2008, Lisa backpacked through Asia and fell in love with Cambodia, her mother’s homeland. She then spontaneously committed a year to working as the Administrative Director in 2009 at Tiny Toones in Cambodia (www.tinytoones.org) - an NGO using hip hop arts to serve underprivileged youth. Upon her return to NZ, Lisa founded Zyon Studio (www.zyonstudio.co.nz) to help raise funds for Tiny Toones. The studio offers hip hop dance classes in West Auckland.

 In 2012, Lisa organised a ten day tour for 12 Tiny Toones members including dancers, musicians, and its founder to Auckland.

She has spoken at various events including the Christ College Emerging Leaders' Conference, University of Auckland Spark Roadshow Series and Future Dragon's ichange. Lisa has also been a member of the Asia NZ Young Leaders Network since 2010.


Chakara Lim, QSM - Co Chairperson


Chakara  is the founder of the Cambodian radio program in Auckland after completion of his study in broadcasting media at new Zealand broadcasting school. He has been working as a producer, presenter for “Khmer Voice Samleng Khmer” since 1997, which required lots of in dedication and hard work.


He initiated in forming the Auckland Cambodian soccer team, and upon seeing the need to have a proper organisation, he gathered soccer team to create the Auckland Cambodian Youth and Recreation Trust to help not just the youngsters but the Cambodian community in Auckland. Chakara has been serving as its chairperson on and off since 1998. He is a mover and shaker in the trust, and his enthusiastic in putting Khmer Culture present in the NZ landscape don’t go unnoticed.


Chakara was associate producer for the film Brother Number One, directed by Annie Goldson (2012) - film highlights human rights issues, the search for justice and the trial of Khmer Rouge perpetrators through the story of New Zealander Kerry Hamill. he made many short TV stories on Asian community for Asian Down Under and Asian Dynamic (TVNZ). Through radio, Chakara have become the voice of Cambodian community.


Chakara is always keen to help others and the force to bring people together. His involvement in the Cambodian community is dated back since the day he arrived in Christchurch in the 80s. Currently he works for SKYTV and develope his ununpished work into screen play and hope to make it into a film in Cambodia.

Rotha Touch - Co-chairperson/Co Secretary

Rotha Touch was a journalist and researcher for a English newspaper “Cambodia Daily” in Cambodia. His knowledge in information technology, accounting and computer, is greatly appreciated by the Trust.

Rotha is also involved in the entertainment industry as a freelance actor and entertainer. Rotha has had parts in movies, theatre and has been instrumental in promoting interpreting duties as well as helping families and individuals. on urgent human problems . He makes assessments on whether people need- taking to a lawyer, work and income, the family doctor, or need assistance at a shop in buying computers, iPhones, electronic gear ..etc He teaches people on how to use computers, use the internet and helped people into small business.

He also speaks on Khmer radio, often talking about social issues and gathering opinions.

Rotha loves socialising during his spare time.

Paul  Protheroe - Trustee - Co Secretary
 Paul Protheroe - Trustee - Co Secretary Been involved in the Cambodian Community in Auckland almost 20 years through a personal relationship and an interest in Cambodian culture. Now retired. Was a former union official and NZ Post employee. Stood twice for Parliament for the Alliance party. .Has published two books of poems.

 Paul is also a qualified ESOL teacher and teaches at the Mt Eden Remand Prison. Divorced, three children, 2 grand children. Believes the Cambodian Community needs to participate in the wider New Zealand society without "losing its unique and ancient culture''. Regards the Trust as a "catalyst" for stimulating Cambodians, through its radios and sporting programmes... etc...

Amara Kevern - Co-Treasurer


Amara Kevern - Co-Treasurer She is married and a mother of a three-year-old girl and a little boy. She teaches languages at high school She is experienced in working with students with a non-English speaking background, through her work as a teacher with international and new immigrant students.

 Amara worked as a volunteer in the Christchurch Cambodian community in such activities as the Language Nest Programme during the 80’s , Khmer cultural performances, translating and liaising with government departments and directing and presenting ”Khmer Voice”,

a radio programme for the Cambodian community in Christchurch in the early ‘90s. She was also the secretary of the Christchurch Ethnic Federation in 1990 – 1992.




Marann Keo - Trustee
Marann Keo - Trustee Maran is a proud mother of three grown children who still retain much of their Khmer culture. Maran says she enjoys assisting people with interpreting, advising as well as giving time and support and useful information on the radio.

She is a big fan of pre-war era- classic Khmer music. We can hear Mrs Marann Keo on radio on Tuesdays. Norina Kuy - Trustee A father with one son, he is a home-care health worker. He has been helping the Cambodian community in Auckland since he first moved from Dunedin to Auckland in 1996. Initially he helped with the Khmer Cultural dance group, then as a radio announcer, a producer and even co-ordinator.

Bin Song -Trustree

Bin Song is a master of Khmer Kickboxing. He has been a strong member of Cambodian community for many years serving at Takanini temple. His passion lies in combining self-motivation and defensive skills training both for adults and the youth of the next generation.

Sokunlita Yi -Trustree

Sokunlita is an active mother of two boys. Balancing her busy life  with her passion for music. Currently she is a lead vocalist for the group "Reach Sey band" based in Auckland, New Zealand. On top of this active schedule she finds time helping the Cambodian community in Papatoetoe for which she thoroughly enjoys. 



Benjamin Brundle - Trustee

Benjamin originally born in Ireland, is a world traveller and explorer settling in New Zealand in 2013. With a Masters in Film and a Degree in Media it has enabled him to journey to various parts of the globe engaging with communities. In the Pacific he has trained local youth in broadcast, and in India he has worked with university students. As a Trustee he wishes to help raise the charities' profile in the media and reach the youth community.

Dany Kim - Trustee

Trained as a lawyer, now a full time mother of 2 young children. Dany is very keen to assist the community in every way she can, from helping people with transportation to advising people on various matter.

As a Trustee, she services the Trust as a Trust secretary.

Oudom Prak- Trustee

Oudom Prak, graduated from Cambodian University and is proficient in the English language. He helped in coordinating Cambodian migrants in finding work overseas. He has gained much experience working on a farm, a bakery, a butchery and in a supermarket and distribution company .

 He is interested in Khmer classical music and dance – drumming is one his passion. His contribution to our Trust in cultural activities is very valuable and he is always available to help the trust. We are delighted to have him as one of our trustees.


Advisory Trustee


Ratana SOM, (Cambodia), Advisory Trustee

Som successfully completed a Master of Law (LLM) from the Royal University of Law and Economics in 2007. A year before that, he was awarded a Master of Arts in Journalism from the Ateneo de Manila University of the Philippines. In 2002, Som attained a Bachelor of Education in English (TEFL) from the Institute of Foreign Languages of the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), where he was also awarded a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2001.

Since 2004, Som has been working as a lecturer for the Department of Media and Communication of the Royal University of Phnom Penh. From 2002, he has also been teaching B.A. and B.Ed. students at the Institute of Foreign Languages of the RUPP. Som was also a visiting lecturer at the Royal School of Administration of the Council of Ministers in 2002.

Besides teaching, Som worked extensively as an administrator and media expert assistant for a joint project between the Konrad Adenauer Foundation of Germany and the Royal University of Phnom Penh, and the European Union Election Observation Mission in Cambodia respectively.

He is currently the director the Department of Media and Communication at the Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Dr. Man Hau Liev, Advisory Trustee
Man Hau has recently completed a PhD in Development Studies at the University of Auckland, and has worked as a Senior Lecturer at AUT’s Centre for Refugee Education since 1991. His CV is so extensive it is difficult to summarise, but includes work experience with ethnic communities in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, the publication of a number of academic papers, and membership of numerous professional societies and community groups. He is also multi-lingual; listing Khmer, English, French and Cantonese as languages he has proficiency in. Man Hau has had a deep involvement with Cambodian communities around New Zealand for a number of years, and is keen to bring his wealth of skills and experience to help with the Trust.

Sarath Lim, Advisory Trustee
Sarath has an impressive work history in both the fields of medicine and translation. While still in Cambodia he worked with the United Nations and the Cornell Medical Team, and since arriving in New Zealand in 1985 he has spread his skills across Auckland, Greenlane, Starship, Middlemore and North Shore hospitals. His specialist area is dialysis but he also helps provide translation services to hospitals across the Auckland region. Sarath has also been active in Cambodian community groups here in Auckland since his arrival, and is currently President of the Cambodian (Khmer) Community of New Zealand Inc. We are pleased that he is able to bring this wealth of knowledge and experience to his advisory role with the Youth and Recreation Trust. Outside of work his interests include sports, music and computing.


Meng Ly - QSM - Advisory Trustee
Meng Ly arrived in New Zealand in the early 80s as a refugee. He was trained as a pharmacist in Cambodia, but he had to work as a machine operator when he first arrived in the country. Meng Ly is now a success business entrepreneur and investor and an out standing community volunteer.

Meng Ly is on the Board of Social Services in Auckland and many other organisations, Deputy Chairman of the New Zealand Chao Zhou Association and the honorable president of the Cambodian Association Auckland Inc. Mr. Meng Ly have four successful children, all in medical field.

Kevin Chiv - Advisory Trustee

A Graduate from AUT University Business School in Auckland, holding BBus (Accounting & Management) GradDipBus (Auditing & Taxation), Master Degree in (Accounting), a PhD candidate in Taxation at the University of Auckland, and a former student at both Royal University of Phnom Penh, Faculty of English and National University of Management, Faculty of Business in Cambodia

Immigrated to New Zealand in 2002, Kevin is now a current member of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants CA College, working as an Accountant and Immigration Advisor to the Cambodian community at JL Partners Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors and Gate2NZ Immigration Advisors firm.

Kevin’s career as an accountant began when he joined American International Group (The American International Assurance- the life insurance arm of AIG in New Zealand) as Graduate Accountant in 2007.

Kevin is also a Part-time lecturer at UUNZ Institute of Business, an education partner of the University of Southern Queensland, Australia, lecturing Management Accounting discipline.

He is inspired to participate in community work and has a vision to promote Khmer culture at both local and international levels. His interests include soccer, badminton, gym, swimming and going out to see movies. Kevin can speak English, Khmer, Mandarin Chinese, Chao Zhou, Thai, a little of French and a little of Japanese

Currently president of the Cambodian Association Auckland Inc.


Former Trustees


Stuart Pidgeon

Stuart’s main job is working with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at Auckland City Council, but he also dedicates a few hours each week to teaching English to Cambodians living here in Auckland.  He is not a trained teacher, but having spent 3 years in Cambodia from 2004–2007 his passable Khmer helps him to communicate with students whose English isn’t so good.  While in Cambodia he called Preah Vihear home, and worked there with the Mine Action Planning Unit (MAPU) which still operates as part of the provincial government. While generally quite busy, Stuart tries to find ways he can usefully offer his time to helping with the Trust’s planning and activities.



Kol Noun

 He is amarried and is a proud father to his little boy. Kol is a land surveyor. His outstanding contribution to Cambodian soccer in Auckland is highly praised by the Cambodian community in Auckland. He also generously donated his time and skills surveying land for the Cambodian Buddhist association in Auckland.


Soriya Em

 (BTech – Biotechnology, MSc – Biological Sciences) is currently working as a contracts manager in the area of commercial science research. Soriya represented New Zealand at the Japanese programme: Ship for World Youth 2008, and was also a NZ representative at the UNEP EcoMinds Forum (Philippines - 2005). She currently lives on the North Shore, where she is on the committee of another community based non profit organisation. Soriya is interested in helping Cambodian youth to achieve success in education.

Soriya is aways available to help the trust.

Jessica Macormick

Jessica is currently completing her Masters degree in Social Anthropology at Auckland University. Cambodian families and their strategies towards living successfully within New Zealand society, as well as some of the challenges and triumphs experienced in this process are at the heart of her thesis. She is deeply interested in all things Cambodian and hopes to travel and work in Cambodia in the near future. Jessica's background is in film production, having worked in the film and advertising industry for several years. She brings her research skills, enthusiasm and knowledge of Cambodian culture to the Trust

Dr. Theary Thou
Theary graduated as a medical doctor from The University of Auckland and is currently working at Middlemore Haospital as a Doctor. He is passionate about sports, in particular Soccer. Theary represented New Zealand in the Junior All White Soccer team. He is interested in learning more about Cambodian culture and way of life.. Theary conducted some work experience in medical practice in Cambodia, which has motivated him to work closely with the Cambodian community in New Zealand


Sokunthea Som
is a mother of 2 children. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Arts at the University of Phnom Penh. In Cambodia, she worked for various NGO organizations and not so long ago, she also worked for Home Tutor Scheme in Auckland.
She worked for Adhoc Cambodian Human Rights, and also helped as an interpreter during the UN organized elections in Cambodia. Sokunthea has been assisting with teaching young children, and is very keen to pass on her knowledge to young Cambodian youth in New Zealand.

Robert Lay - Trustee
Robert Lay, BBS (Hons), MBA (with distinction)
Upon completion of his high school education from Preah Sisovath High School in Cambodia, Robert moved to New Zealand to pursue further education in 2000. Having achieved a BBS (Finance and Economics) and a first-class Honour in Economics from Massey University in 2004, Robert decided to reside in New Zealand permanently and chose his career in a banking industry. Robert has, since, completed an MBA program (with distinction) and is now a Relationship Manager at the ASB Corporate and Institutional Banking.
Robert has been a member and is a huge fan of the Kamarak soccer team since 2002. He was assisting the management of the Kamarak soccer team in 2010. Now, as a trustee, Robert hopes to contribute significantly to the Trust which has been the backbone and the sponsor of the Kamarak soccer team.
Dr. Lychhun Kouch - Trustee

Dr. Lychhun Kouch was born in Cambodia. He speaks fluent Khmer. He has been in New Zealand more than 10 years and trained as a doctor at the Auckland school of medicine. He received a University of Auckland scholarship.

Currently he is a General Practitioner in one of South Auckland clinics. Dr. Kouch has worked in all the major hospitals in Auckland. His interest is to promote the health of the Cambodian community here in New Zealand and for the people of Cambodia. He was part of the student health council during his high school years.

 He was also a mentor for high school and university students and now runs health workshops for the Cambodian community. He regularly contributes to our radio program on health topics.

Norina Kuy - Trustee

Norina is one of the founding members of the Cambodian Ponleu Thmey Band that started in 2008. Working for the community can be hard, but Norina is happy to be part of it.

The trust is fortunate to have him as a Trustee. His interest in Khmer Cultural dance is crucial for the Trust.



Seng Lee Liev - Trustee--Secretary Assistant

Seng-Lee is born in New Zealand and is currently a student doing a degree in Computer Science at The University of Auckland. Fluent in English, he speaks Khmer and a bit of Cantonese.

He would like to see more of our youth excelling academically. He specializes in Information Technology, Hardware Technology, Computer Engineering, Communications etc. Besides this he loves Rugby, Soccer, and Basketball. He is no stranger to how the community works as his family has a long involvement in the Cambodian community here.

As a Cambodian Chinese born in New Zealand, he is well equipped to help his community here, both newcomers and the second generation locally born. We are gladly to have him as a trustee and contribute to the trust.

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