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Social Support Services ...

The goals of the Trust in regards to providing

social support services include:
• To provide information about social support services to the Cambodian community in Auckland, particularly in Papatoetoe.
• To help young people and their families acquire English language skills in order to help them deal more easily with daily life.
• To facilitate communication between the Cambodian community and other agencies.
• Increase cooperation and joint–action between the Cambodian community and other communities at large in the making of New Zealand society.



 As part of the mission statement, the Auckland Cambodian Youth and Recreation Trust provides facilities and services specifically for social support. These services are provided by Cambodian volunteers who are able to communicate in Khmer, and have a familiar understanding of New Zealand systems. These volunteers are able to provide advice about where to go for information and queries about English language, social welfare, education, health, immigration, and a range of other subjects/issues.

 Key Outcomes

The Trust provides a neutral and safe space that is open to all Cambodian youth and their families. We aim to be an organisation that the youth and Cambodian community feel they can approach easily to get help when needed for a variety of problems.
We endeavor to make Cambodian families to feel supported by the Trust. We would like to support all members of our community in whatever capacity we are able, thus creating a safety net that functions to protect and inform members of our community, and assist in their interaction with others. The Trust hopes to make the integration process into mainstream society easier for members of our community, thus enabling better opportunities and positive family and community development.

Some examples of support services:

·      Assistance with communication with Work and Income New Zealand

·       Providing information about attending    English language courses

·      Providing advice about where to go for health care services

·      Access to community resource education materials

·       Advice around where to go, or who to speak to about immigration issues

·      Providing information about other services/facilities available to assist with education and family support

Feel free to contact us at our office Tel: 09 278 1941

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