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The Auckland Cambodian Youth and Recreation Trust was formally established in 1998. The group originally started with a small group of enthusiastic young people, keen to form a Cambodian soccer team, earlier in 1997, a Cambodian radio show was also created. As a result of these two exciting initiatives and an active group of Cambodian volunteers; the Trust was formed to provide support services and a social & cultural network. The Trust received status as a Charitable Trust in March 1999 and was registered as a charitable entity by the Charities Commission on 30 June 2008 with registration number: CC32170 .

Listen Khmer Radio Live! on NZ time  => Tuesday 2:10 pm>3:10 pm

  Listen Khmer Radio Live! on NZ time  => Thursday :12:00 pm>1:30 pm

Click here to listen our Radio Archive on => Tuesday and Thursday's Samleng Khmer Radio



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As always, we are extremely grateful to the support of our donors, sponsors, volunteer staff and the community at large for the various contributions, in time, money and energy that come our way.   Together we are contributing to the wellbeing of our community

On behalf of all the Trustees,  we wish you the very best for 2017.


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Our Mission


The mission of the Auckland Cambodian Youth and Recreation Trust is to provide:“ To contribute to the social, recreational and educational wellbeing of the Cambodian community”




Our Goals

  • To promote and encourage good relations and friendship within Cambodian community in the Auckland area.
  • To provide for the means for young people to participate in sport.
  • To promote contact and understanding with other communities within Auckland.
  • To encourage regular meetings and social activities among members
  • To promote and to provide support in the education of Cambodian young people
  • To provide information and social support services the Cambodian community in Auckland, particularly South Auckland.
  • To provide safe and responsible access to the internet to the Cambodian community in Auckland.
  • To promote our Cambodian cultural heritage

Services and Activities


Auckland Cambodian Youth and Recreation Trust is dedicated to servicing our community through our social support services and youth activities. The following services are offered and activities organised at the Papatoetoe office:


  • Khmer Voice Radio
  • Social support services
  • Cambodian soccer team
  • Khmer Heritage Group
  • Cambodian Youth Education Program

Souvenir photo of Meas Soksophea last concert 2014

We are able to provide a range of support services, please contact us to find out more

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