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Auckland Cambodian Community Radio  (ACCR)


Khmer Voice/Samleng Khmer started in 1997 with half an hour weekly broadcast,

 recorded off air and put to air on Saturday on Access Community Radio 810Am.

 In 2001, we moved to Asia Pacific station 1693 Am for a year and now

Khmer Voce is broadcast live twice a week on  Planet104.6FM

Tuesday from 2:10pm. to 3:15pm.

Thursday from 11:35am to 01:30pm.


2007 was our Khmer Voice 10th anniversary year!! The first program was aired on the 25th of October 1997.




Contact: Khmer Voice Radio

91 Cambridge Tce, Papatoetoe


 Tel: (09) 278 -1941 

Mb: 021 2383521



  Samleng Khmer/ Khmer Voice Radio  program on Planet104.6FM presented by: 

Auckland Cambodian Community Radio

From left to right: Norina Kuy, Navy Seang, Kagna Nuon, Chansary Nuon and Chakara Lim


Khmer Voice = Samleng Khmer

"When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen."-Ernest Hemingway

"The basic building block of good communications is the feeling that  

every human being is unique and of value." Author Unknown

From left: Mony Neale, Jan Vaudrey, Norina Kuy;Sitting from left Chansary Nuon, Rotha Touch and Chakara Lim

Many topics have been covered:

News from Cambodia

News in New Zealand

News in our Cambodian community

News in Religion

Interviews: prerecording, studio interviews, live phone interviews/talkback

Issues: Health Information, public safety, Educational system in New Zealand, Tax system, ACC.. etc

And Khmer Music.

As “Samleng Khmer” is run as an independent radio, we were able to speak out on many issues in our community, which otherwise would be ignored if we were controlled by various Cambodian associations and it is a significant achievement.

In the last twelve months the program content has been very consistent and aligned with its set out mission statements,

The quality of the program has improved greatly due to the fundings received from COGS Community Grant, Lottery Grant and ASB Community Trust Grant and We are grateful to NZ On Air for funding the Community Radio Station Planet104.6FM.

Even though the program is only 1hour 5 minute long, it involves a lot of preparation: translation of many articles from English to Cambodian, gathering news from internet, getting guests to be on the radio show, … and the weekly trip to the radio station in Auckland can be very exhausting.

The program has been on air every week on time for the last 10 years due to the hard work of our volunteers who put in many hours to make this radio show possible. We believe very strongly that the Cambodian radio is a very useful, powerful and important tool to help Cambodian people to settle in New Zealand, to integrate into NZ way of life, and to feel less alienated and less isolated.

Noeurn Ouk and Chakara  Lim  doing pre-recording program

Khmer Voice with our guest.

Our Guest from Cambodia 

Paster Mam Banabas

Khmer Voice Team accepted their 2005 "Radio Station" awards from Terri Byrne, our station manager. Collecting thier prizes for the popular Samleng Khmer radio SHow are journalist and producer Rotha Touch (on mic) with Chansary (left) and Phoumarith.

How many people are listening to the radio program?

According to our research report by Jan Vaudrey, carried out in 2001, people were primarily listening for information, entertainment, company and to improve their English (English lessons).

And our radio program is run with these intentions in mind.

There are around 2500 Cambodians living here in Auckland; many are new settlers.

We believe, as it is in our 10th year, that our radio program is now well known. We managed to put our radio promotions on The Bulletin and the Calendar of the Auckland Cambodian Buddhist association which are widely distributed to the Cambodian people in Auckland for free.


Elizabeth, staff of 104.6 Planet FM

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