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91 Cambridge Tce, Papatoetoe, Auckland - Ph: (09)278-1941  email: nzkhmertrust@hotmail.com 


Cambodian After-School Learning Program


So come along and bring your homework!!

Project: “After School Learning"

This project was set up by three of our Trustees who are well qualified for the task.

 Having seen the children in our Trust in need of extra help with reading and homework, along with many issues concerning their well being needing to be addressed, we set up this project called “Family Learning”. 

It is on Tuesday from 7pm to 8:30pm. at 91 Cambridge Tce, Papatoetoe, Auckland 

We have  two to four volunteers for each session with many guests coming as role models.


 To provide a community based support-learning programmes to the youth within the Cambodian community living in Auckland, which will assist, enhance and encourage the young people to pursue their life goals. 

Programme Outline 

This programme is designed to offer practical learning support of English language and or English language related skills that will help each learner to achieve in his/her goal(s) in their life in the mainstream society.  It also aims to create fellowship amongst the Cambodian young people through the learning of Khmer cultural dancing and arts.

 Targeted Students 

Interested Cambodian youth (primary, intermediate, secondary students/school leavers and so on.) 


1.     To provide English related skills to help with the students’ mainstream schoolwork, such as homework, further explanation of the work introduced in class

2.     To provide English language skills in aural, oral, written and writing that will help students with practical life skills.

3.     To provide opportunity to learn Khmer traditional and folk dancing and arts.


1.     Students feel more encouraged and confident in their schoolwork, achieving better grades in their school report.

2.     Students become confident in their English communication with others in the community at large in their daily life, showing willingness to explore and participate in their local community’s activities and so on.

3.     Students are able show/perform dances or artwork to interested audience.

Duration:    1-2  hours in the evening of a selected weekday.  [Different and more frequent time slots may become available as we get more volunteers] 

Staff:    Volunteers from within Cambodian community and from the  

community at large

After School Learning Program - 2004 at Cloverpark Community House, Clover Park. Photos from 1st year


Teachers 2007: 

Sally Platt,  Kim Leng , Thyda Nuon and Sameth Yim.

More photos in Gallery Links 



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