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ACCR's constitution



The term Cambodian, shall apply to any person who are refugees, former refugees, migrants, or visitor come from Cambodia including Khmer and other ethnic groups from Cambodia such as Charm, Chinese, Vietnamese.


The term Khmer shall apply to language and custom of Khmer people and

Cambodian people who consider themselves to be of Khmer descendants. This term shall be apply to people of Khmer ethnic who are living inside and outside of Cambodia. (Khmer krom, Khmer Leu, Khmer Kandal)


The Auckland Cambodian Community radio is an independent organization free from any political affilation. The ACCR’s philosophy and policies will be based on Cambodian custom and professional ethnic. The ACCR conducts its practices within the context of international Human Rights law and New Zealand laws and regulations. Cambodian deserve a neutral public platform with good quality information and freedom of expression which can be shared across a wide spectrum of their community and the New Zealand community as a whole.


 The Auckland Cambodian Community radio’s mission are:

 1/ To inform and entertain people in the community

 2/ To promote Khmer culture and seek from all formal and informal avenues to safeguard the wellbeing of Cambodians in New Zealand.

 3/ To promote quality mutual understanding socio-cultural issues within Cambodian community as well as the New Zealand community as a whole by means of using information media and technology.

 4/ To conduct its socio-cultural services in a transparent environment free from prejudice and political affiliation.


 The objects of ACCR are:

 1/ To promote joint action and co-operation among Cambodian groups on socio-cultural issues of common concern.

 2/ To promote awareness and understanding of Cambodian issues

3/ To provide a forum for interchange of ideas and information on all issues affecting Cambodians in Aotearoa /New Zealand.

 4/ To undertake any other business and activities which may seem directly or indirectly conducive to any of the objects of the Cambodian Community Radio

 5/ To inform and entertain people in the community.


1/ To coordinate information network for the common cause of integration and for the wellbeing of their members.

2/ To act as interface for the Cambodian to participate in the making of New Zealand society.

 3/ TO identify, research and monitor issues affecting these objects, increase public awareness and understanding of these and other related issues through the media and other educational programs, develop and implement programs and activities to aid in the objects.

 4/ To undertake, promote, organize and aid research, conferences, seminars and other educational activities.

 5/ To raise funds, appeal, function, donation and/ or otherwise howsoever as the ACCR may decide for implementation and maintenance of the objects of the ACCR

 6/ To broadcast, print, publish, circulate as may be considered to be in the interests of the ACCR

 7/ To employ such officers of the ACCR as may be necessary or expedient,salaried or otherwise, full time or part time. 

8/ To open and operate such bank accounts as are deemed necessary or expedient.

9/ To draw, make, accept, endorse, discount, execute, issue and negotiate cheques,promissory notes, bills of exchange, warrants, debentures and other negotiable instruments.


Chakara Lim, Rotha Touch, Chansary Nuon, Norina Kuy and Mony Nea


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